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National Animal Welfare Trust

At Burns Pet Nutrition, we love working with organisations that make a real difference, so we’re extremely pleased to have teamed up with The National Animal Welfare Trust. We’re very excited about the new partnership, having read some of the amazing success stories and met some of the people the charity has helped, along with their valued companions. The National Animal Welfare Trust operates five rescue and rehoming centres across the South of England. The charity believes in promoting responsible pet ownership and produces a range of guides and advice sheets on all kinds of topics. For more information, including how you could make a donation to support NAWT, please visit www.nawt.org.uk.

Appaws for Autism

We are thrilled to announce that in addition to partnering with NAWT, we will also be working with Scottish charity Appaws for Autism over the next 12 months to help them achieve their goals. Appaws for Autism is the only facility in Scotland to provide therapy dog services to people with an autism spectrum disorder. The charity works with partner organisations to re-home animals who may become therapeutic pets and provides autism specific training to dogs. An autism assistance dog can increase social interaction, confidence and safety. These specially trained dogs can provide comfort and protect in times of great anxiety or stress. Most of all, the individual will experience and gain unconditional love and a best friend for life. For more information, including how you could make a donation to support Appaws for Autism, please visit www.appawsforautism.org.

Living Wage Employer

On 17th January 2014 Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd became the first Carmarthenshire-based organisation and first pet food nutrition company in the UK to become an accredited Living Wage Employer. The Living Wage is an independently set and annually updated hourly salary rate based on the cost of living in the UK (currently £7.65 for businesses outside London). We are proud to use the Living Wage Employer Mark to demonstrate the value we place in each employee. Paying a Living Wage is not only morally justified; but has clear business benefits in terms of increased productivity and retention.

Ethical Shopping Guide

The Ethical Company Organisation runs the Ethical Accreditation Scheme which analyses and rates companies on their Corporate Responsibility record. Each year their findings are published in The Good Shopping Guide and for several years Burns has been one of the highest scoring pet food companies. This publication is the world’s leading ethical shopping reference book and companies are judged on a wide range of criteria. Burns has consistently been in the top five pet food companies and we are proud to be able to display the Ethical Company logo.

Pet Industry Federation

The Pet Industry Federation is the membership association for pet industry specialist in the UK. We offer industry-led qualifications and organise pet trade events. Membership of the Federation offers a hallmark of quality: all our members agree to abide by sector specific charters to demonstrate good practice.

The British Hen Welfare Trust

We received approval from the British Hen Welfare Trust in recognition of our strong stance against the use of caged hens. From our own experience we know that happy hens produce better quality eggs and that is why the free-range chickens on Penlan Farm enjoy the highest possible standards of care and nutrition. Our pampered hens produce lovely tasty eggs which we use in our Penlan Farm Eggs, Rice and Vegetables for dogs and also sell to the local community.

Compassion in World Farming

Whenever possible we use ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients in our food. For instance, any chicken we use will not be from caged hens and the meat in our Penlan Farm range comes from free-range organic animals. Compassion in World Farming peacefully campaigns to end all cruel farming practices and to improve the welfare of farm animals around the world. The chickens and cattle we keep on Penlan Farm are kept to the very highest standards and we would like to see all farm animals enjoying the same quality of life. Burns is a corporate sponsor of Compassion in World Farming.