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Burns in the Community

We are committed to improving the lives of people and pets across the UK and to this effect have our very own in-house charity, The Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation which is staffed by a team of 10. From grassroots projects in the local community to nationwide charity campaigns, it is our mission to help as many dogs and humans as we can. After all, if it wasn’t for pets and people, our business wouldn’t have a paw to stand on.

In 2018, we donated over £1M to charity to mark 25 years of trading. We're on a mission to use the success of the business as a vehicle for positive change not just in the pet food industry but in the local community and beyond. To this end, we are proud to run a number of grassroots projects, organise regular fundraising events and even have our very own Sponsorship department.

Discover how we're making a difference.

Burns By Your Side

Burns By Your Side invites trained volunteers and companion animals to help children improve literacy and confidence skills through reading-with-dogs sessions. The idea is that a dog creates an aura of calm, allowing children to feel at ease and communicate more effectively. From Snoop the Chihuahua to Hoola the Whippet, the range of dogs taking part in the scheme are as varied as their owners. The programme has been active for over 3 years and we now have over 40 volunteers based in West Wales, Ceredigion, Swansea, Ireland and Carmarthenshire. In the first half of 2018, the team delivered 880 reading sessions in over 40 educational settings.

To find out more about how you could get involved, visit our dedicated Burns By Your Side website.

Community Garden Project

Our Community Garden Project brings 4 local schools together to create themed raised beds. Both mainstream pupils and pupils with learning difficulties collaborate on fun and unique designs that put their creative skills to the test while also empowering them and improving wellbeing. The opportunity encourages children to build their confidence and socialise with pupils from different schools while giving back to the community.

The Butterfly Effect

Those who suffer with chronic health conditions often find themselves socially isolated, The Butterfly Effect seeks to change this. We are working in partnership with Hywel Dda Complex Neurological Therapy Service to deliver a rehabilitation programme which empowers individuals and improves wellbeing through meaningful activities. 

From constructing community polytunnels to developing a community garden and growing and harvesting vegetables, the group have developed practical skills while forging new relationships and integrating into the community. Leeks and Radishes grown by participants are now being used in dishes at our very own Parc Y Bocs Farm Shop.

Community Events


From charity fruit and vegetable sales with produce grown at our very own Parc Y Bocs Farm Shop to seasonal dog events, we are always fundraising so that we can reach a bit further. Whether that's providing free supper to a dog in need or helping a child to read with the aid of a companion dog and trained volunteer, we're committed to positive change.



We have our very own Sponsorship department committed to helping people and pets across the UK. Part of this is supporting outstanding rescue centres with complimentary food. It breaks our heart to know that there are unwanted pets out there, so by supplying over 40 rescue centres across the UK with nutritious meals we hope to go some way towards making a difference to the lives of cats and dogs seeking a second chance at happiness.

Contact our dedicated department Sponsorship@burnspet.co.uk to find out how we might be able to help.