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Lending a Helping Hand at Christmas

Published: Thursday, December 21, 2017

*Lenny and Carol pictured with PATCH Charity Manager Tracy  

As Christmas looms, many of us are busy last-minute gift shopping or piling shopping trolleys high with festive food. During this time of indulgence, it’s humbling to remember that not everyone is so fortunate.

Hundreds of people across the UK are struggling to make ends meet and even basic necessities such as food are a daily struggle. In these tough times, family pets are either the last to be fed or owners will give food to their animals, and go hungry themselves. 

Hearing this, our brilliant nutritional adviser, Vicky Bassett organised for a large package of Burns Pet Food to be donated to the two local foodbanks in West Wales: PATCH and Carmarthen Foodbank. Vicky also pooled together the staff to donate warm pyjamas, clothing and food which was also given.

Finally, John Burns donated £500 each to PATCH and Carmarthen Foodbank.

Commenting on the donation, Vicky said, "It breaks our heart that in this day and age, people and pets are still going without basic necessities. Food banks are closed for 5 days over Christmas, so it’s more important than ever to donate.”

Community Liasion Officer, Carol Lincoln said, “PATCH and Carmarthenshire Food Bank work all-year round to ensure that families and pets don’t go hungry. We work closely with both charities and are delighted to be able to help with this small gesture.”

Eager to donate? It's not too late. Visit The Trussell Trust to find your nearest foodbank.

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